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Vulcanet review – Vulcanet promises “waterless cleaning” of your motorcycle… oh really?

I think I’d be right in saying that you too have a shelf (shelves?) full of cleaning and polishing products that you’ve bought and tried over the years, I know I have! In the main they all work but apart from the increasing lack of space, cleaning the pride and joy was a necessary chore. The satisfaction of the hopeful end result was the only thing that kept you going as you filled buckets of water, wiped it dry with a Chamois and then doing the now famous impression of The Karate Kid as you ‘wiped on, wiped off’ the polish.
Yes, it all worked (after a fashion), but if you wanted those mirrors properly shiny without water stains then you’d have to get the glass cleaner out – another bottle, another procedure. Yes it’s a chore but Vulcanet reckon that life has moved on…

Vulcanet is a French company founded by Erik Bernisson who after many years of working in the chemical industry, (with innovations as traffic paint that can be applied to wet roads and Anti-Legionella water treatment systems in his C.V.), decided to apply himself to a new project of how to combine chemicals that not only cleaned flawlessly but also polished and protected, all without the need of protective gloves… So he ended up buying the company he worked for and then worked for seven years to perfect this nirvana combination.

Vulcanet review pre-cleaning1Whilst the official launch was at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008, it wasn’t until early 2014 that the brand was itself cleaned and polished ready for relaunch… So here we are in 2016 with a big black tube with 80 of these formulated wipes and skipping lightly over the French-inspired instructions I launch in to see whether the PR is right…

The theory is simple enough. Pull out a wipe and wipe off the dirt. Leave for a few seconds then using their supplied cloth, lightly rub to buff to a sheen.

Vulcanet review exhaust precleaning
Vulcanet review exhaust post cleaning
…and after

All told I was working away for about an hour and a half which in itself is probably at least an hour faster than the ‘old’ way; it’s only fair to say that there were parts I didn’t ‘waste’ a wipe on; the inside of the bash plate was a little excessive to consider (even for me) and whilst I don’t dispute that these wipes would indeed take off much heavier amounts of dirt there is a logical limit!
Vulcanet review post cleaning 3Vulcanet review post cleaning3NOTE: it’s important to buff after wiping off the dirt. The heat generated melds the chemical wizardry and then allows a bond to occur…

Basically, if you can get the wipe in there then the end result is really satisfying! The plastics/metal regains that just-out-of-the-factory look. Truly superb!

I even found myself cleaning the oven…

Vulcanet review oven cleaning
lots of Brownie points!

Conclusion: It would appear that Monsieur Bernisson has done himself and us proud. I actually enjoyed using Vulcanet and there’s not many cleaning products you’ll catch me saying that about 🙂
I used 7 wipes in the cleaning exercise above, that puts the ‘cost’ at £2.80, but the abilities and the variety of uses will all make it worthwhile.
Don’t worry! They don’t dry out! I’ve had these for almost three months now, I can confirm that the tub keeps them nice ‘n’ wet 🙂

Average tub cost is £30
Check out Vulcanet in the UK and in France
Ease of use
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