Viking Cycle Bloodaxe jacket review
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Viking Cycles BLOODAXE motorcycle jacket review

When the Bloodaxe comes out of the packaging I was immediately taken by the weight of it. It certainly felt solid – the thick leather along with the CE armour and the additional quilted lining all give a hefty feel; comforting…

Slipping it on, it’s noticeable that it doesn’t want to flex and crease to the bends that the human body has, for sure the leather will take a fair time of wearing in. But the main zip feels solid and looks like it’ll take some years of use and then there’s the storage – oh man the storage! More pockets and options that you ever feel comfortable in filling. VikingCycle certainly has ticked that box.
Viking Cycle Bloodaxe jacket review

Safety features are provided by effective and (in daylight) unobtrusive stripes and VikingCycle supply the basic ‘foam-based’ CE level 1 armour in the shoulders and elbows (back armour is not certified). If you’re not a fan of CE1 armour, the pockets are accessible and I’d suggest if you do go down the route of upgrading, consider buying D3O.

Viking Cycle Bloodaxe jacket reviewViking Cycle Bloodaxe jacket reviewThe proportions are good. Blocking the wind coming up at the back and with arms outstretched on the bars, the sleeve length means that they continue to cover short gloves.

I wore the Bloodaxe on a 300-mile round trip to the Shelsley Hill Climb charity event recently and the addition of the liner really helped out in keeping sufficiently warm on the return trip, so kudos there.

The finish is not the best or worst that I’ve seen. The Bloodaxe is manufactured in Pakistan, a country that is making great strides to compete with established European leather-gurus like Romania and I was a little concerned about the amount of stretch I was seeing in the sleeve seems, but nothing actually unravelled or split and you should bear in mind that it retails for £99.99 so it fits nicely in the budget category.
VikingCycle distributes from UK and USA locations and you can Get it online.

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CE Armour level1
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