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VENTZ REVIEW | is a cooling accessory for motorcyclists everywhere, but especially in hot countries…

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity of riding a Ducati Multistrada 1200 for a few days in California. At the time of departure, I had to make a decision as to what do I take as protective clothing? The full-blown designed for the UK waterproof textiles or the leathers?

Each had their pros and cons, but eventually I plumped for the leathers…

Wish I hadn’t!

Whilst California (Route 101) has a pretty much permanent sea breeze blowing inland and in June/July it averages from a pleasant 25°C to a sticky 40°C; nice when you’re sitting on a cliff top sipping a beer under a parasol, but as I found out, in full leathers you get hot quickly. Very hot and very quickly…
It was consequently a few sticky and dehydrated days and it got to the point where I took my gloves off, with the jacket sleeve zips undone to try and cool down; which frankly defeated at lot of the point of leathers (and I ended up with a tan line across my wrists, much to my colleague’s amusement).

Now I accept that there’s better gear out there for these situations, but I’m not made of money and it was Hobson’s Choice – so I was somewhat dismayed when I came across Ventz – a product designed just for these situations…

It’s simple in concept, design and manufacture.
Ventz in blueVentz-airflow

A slightly curved formed plastic with a clip at the top and a grilled front allows air to rush in under whatever jacket you are wearing. By leveraging the Bernoulli Effect (fast moving air generates low pressure around it – a partial vacuum and that in turn ‘sucks in’ the surrounding air) you end up with an intake of colder air that ‘sucks’ the existing warmer air through the jacket and out through the collar; see the diagram above.
Coming in a multitude of colours they will securely fit to leather or textile jackets and Ventz have shown that a rider’s body temperature can drop up to 25% with them fitted.


Now on my trip in California, the bike was claiming, at points, that the air temperature was 110°F (43°C) and was outside the jacket! With a 25% drop you could have been around 82°F (27°C) – and that’s much more pleasant 🙂

Ventz-Jacket-shot Ventz-Policeman

Wearing gauntlet style gloves would possibly mean that they get in the way of Ventz’s grill, and so short gloves would be preferable, but that doesn’t mean that they are rendered useless with gauntlets…

Available in a multitude of colours at £14.99 (22US$ / 30CA$) with free UK / USA standard shipping, you can’t go wrong with Ventz!

Simple in concept and execution, Ventz are an easily stash-able motorcycle product that can make all the difference to your riding comfort. Well done Sirs!

PS: Sign up on their site and get a 20% discount code 🙂

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