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THE HELMET HOOK review – George was fed up carrying his helmet around so he did something about it…

The Helmet Hook aims to solve a biker’s perennial problem! What to do with your helmet when you’re away from the bike?
• Take it with you. Carrying it around can a real P.I.T.A. – particularly when you simply ‘run out of hands’ to carry stuff…
• Leave it on the bike. Stuck over the top of the mirror maybe? Certainly easy to thieve and has the potential to crush the inner lining – Arai say don’t do it!
• Put it in the top box. Good idea if you actually own/want to own one…
• Attach it to the manufacturer supplied helmet lock. Hummm, bit of a rarity these days, my bike doesn’t have one…

So I’ve been carrying my helmet around. After all, it doesn’t matter how much it cost, it’s still the only one I have with me, so it’s kinda important that I have it when I ride home! Popping into shops involves grabbing it by the chin-guard and try not to inadvertently knock things (failed on that on numerous occasions) as I pick up my two or three bits.
I have recently bought a top box that spends most of it’s time empty for that very reason, but even I notice the reduced m.p.g. with it permanently attached.

So when I found out about The Helmet Hook (US$ 15.95) it seemed a good idea; permanently attached, with a padlock if wanted (US$2.55) it’s easily fixed by simply screwing off the bar end of the side that you want (I chose the left since that’s the way the steering lock goes)and sliding it on.
Helmet-Hook-review---fittingScrew it back up and you’re done. 2 minutes work… can’t make it any easier that that!
True, it’s plainly not absolutely secure. If said thief had a Posi drive on him/her, it’s easy to unscrew the bar and make off with your expensive helmet – real desperados could just cut the straps and be off (yes it would mostly destroy the point of wearing a helmet, but who said thieves were bright?) – so the addition of a padlock serves as a visual deterrent. But The Helmet Hook isn’t sold as a totally secure device – simply as a ‘better’ way of storing your helmet whilst you do whatever you want to do.
Admittedly having a helmet (Shoei) without the classic ‘double-D’ strap tighteners does mean that I have to clip the straps together before hooking it on, but that’s no big deal; with the padlock clicked in the gap to too small to slide the helmet fixing out of the slot – so a result!Helmet-Hook-review---in-place2

Helmet-Hook-review---in-place3Helmet-Hook-review---in-place1Plainly if it rains – you’re going home with a wet head!
As a bit of (horribly) basic market research, I Tweeted asking for people’s opinions… here’s what resulted:


Not conclusive of course but interesting to see other rider’s opinions…

Make of it what you will, but it works as advertised, it’s a personal choice whether you’re happy with the plan…

Check out THE HELMET HOOK’s web page for dealers and their Facebook page to take advantage of their regular offers.

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