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Moving on from the success of the ST1, Stromer has raised the bar again with the ST2 e-bike pedelec.

Every detail has been looked at and refined. Whilst the maximum torque output has dropped marginally to 35 Nm, with it’s 500W motor and 48V battery pushing out a possible 814 Wh of power – the ST2 e-bike pedelec can now give you up to 150 km (93 miles) of assist.


Stromer ST2 whiteST2

The ST2 brings in two variants – Sport (17 or 20″ frame) and Comfort (17″ frame) and both benefit from the addition of OMNI, a Stromer proprietary online portal that hooks in to the on-bike computer that allows control and tuning of many aspects of the bike. You can maintain your service records online, have the bike update it’s firmware via WiFi – you can even activate the bike’s Anti-Theft mechanism with a lock/unlock feature. You can check it’s whereabouts via geolocation via their own smartphone app (Android and iOS) since the ST2 also features Bluetooth.


The ST2 features a new, compact SYNO rear hub motor with 3 modes of assist and of course the Regenerative Braking technology found in the ST1. The battery, whilst bumped up to 814Wh, still fits neatly in to the downtube and at 5kg can be charged with Stromer’s charger in 2-3 hours (from 0% to 100%).

This a beautifully designed and manufactured bike. Here’s some highlights:

  • 20 speed Shimano gearing
  • All round hydraulic disc brakes
  • Schwalbe’s BigBen tyres with integrated puncture protection
  • Carbon front fork
  • Custom made, Stromer designed saddle, sleek and ergonomic.
  • Stromer designed rack (configurable option).
  • SuperNova headlight at 165 Lumens – small yet powerful.
  • Full length alloy mudguards

As with the ST1, fine tune your electric cycle via Stromer’s online configuration tool.

Stromer ST2 headon

Stromer ST2 hub

Stromer ST2 battery


Stromer have even started a campaign of “Corporate Solutions”. Now when we at BIKER47 first saw this on their official site, we were a little sceptical at first; but on reflection, we actually think it’s a great idea!
This programme is a methodology whereby a company can provide their employees with Stromers which not only allows them to improve their health and be eco-friendly, but also give the Company a boost towards a greener image and bringing their own “brand to the streets”. Now whilst this is predominately a Swiss innovation (not surprising on the basis that Stromer is Swiss) it does have some take-up and you can read it about it here:

Motor: 500W, 48V
Batteries: 814Wh, 17Ah
Runtime: 80-150km (40-83 miles)
Recharge to 100%: 2-3 hours
Drive: Chain
Top Speed: @28 mph (@45 km/h)

£5295 / US8300 / €5990 

Inclusive of local taxes

ENG web ST2 Web

283 dealers are listed in Western Europe and 160 in USA/Canada.
See the Dealer Map on their website for the latest locations.
Dealer Map

Sole UK dealer (not listed on Stromer site as yet):