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In 2006, Swiss born Thomas Binggeli started developing his vision of e-bike pedelecs and with his first company, Thömus, (funded by him selling his parents farming livestock whilst they were on holiday…

…so the rumour goes), the company was so successful that he won the Swiss Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the same year.
Spurred on by this, he went all out to get a team together to design, develop his new ‘eco-bikes’ – the under a new brand; STROMER. Recently acquired by a premium Swiss cycle manufacturer BMC, his first bike the ST1 has gathered a huge following in Switzerland and across Europe. American sales have also recently begun.

These bikes are plainly a ‘premium’ range but with a pleasing look and obvious attention to detail, the ST1 comes with an excellent standard warranty of 3 years for the frame, 2 years for the paintwork and 2 years or 1000 cycles of the battery – whichever comes first.

Stromer ST1 whiteStromer ST1 black


With the 3Kg battery pack sitting inside the down tube and with a gearless motor housed in the rear hub, the bike uses regenerative technology to increase the life of the battery. The battery itself weighing a slender 3Kg can in cahoots with the engine produce upwards of 40Nm. Now that may not mean much to the average cyclist – if you were a motorcyclist, you would probably know that is approaching the equivalent of a 300cc petrol engine! Best hang on then!
Don’t be satisfied with an ‘off-the-shelf’ bike! Fine tune your electric cycle via Stromer’s online configuration tool. Here you can choose different frame sizes, add Stromer designed and built accessories (rear rack, lights etc) and order not only 2 different component sets (‘Platinum’ has 27 gear speeds with a 500W motor, the ‘Elite’ has 9 speed with 250W motor) but also three different types of ‘power systems’ (different battery and motor combos for different needs).

Stromer ST1 battery pack

Stromer St1 rear hub motor

Stromer ST1 LCD


Motor: 250W, 36V / 500W, 36V / 500W, 36V
Batteries: ST396 = 396Wh / ST522 = 522Wh
Runtime: 40-100km / 40-90 km / 40-80km (ALL based on ST522 battery with 70Kg rider)
Recharge to 100%: 2-3 hours
Drive: Chain
Top Speed: @15.5 mph (@25 km/h) / @20.5mph (@33 km/h) / @28 mph (@45 km/h)

£3295-3795 / US$5100-6000 / €3850-4785 

RRP stated, inc local taxes.

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283 dealers are listed in Western Europe and 160 in USA/Canada.
See the Dealer Map on their website for the latest locations.
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