Siima Mountain View motorcycle jacket: Reviewed and tested…

Siima are a relatively new company based in Cyprus and have received good reviews on their previously launched products. With the Mountain View, Siima have made a ‘touring jacket for the next level’. Here’s a list of the features:

  • Water resistant
  • 600D textile
  • All seams taped
  • CE approved armour as standard; elbows, shoulders and back
  • Mobile phone pouch on left sleeve
  • Air sealed pocket inside chest pocket
  • 2 Sleeve vents
  • 2 Shoulder vents
  • Map pocket at rear
  • 3 Back vents (2 vertical, 1 horizontal)
  • Zip out thermal lining
  • Double removable collar
  • Sunglasses pocket
  • Connector zip to trousers
  • Double Velcro adjust to sleeves
  • Adjustable reflective waist straps

When I first saw this jacket I was mightily impressed – all the zips are taped on the numerous pockets, with several adjustment straps and armour that felt like it could actually do something half useful in an “off” and closer inspection showed no signs of any stitching errors… it all adds up to a jacket that has everything.

Siima-Mountain-View-insideThe fit is generous and I don’t mind that. The option of wearing a extra layers under the zip out thermal without making the whole fit too tight is a good thing in my opinion.
It is also quite long, finishing as it does just beyond the buttocks, which again I like, because I can prevent any wind billowing under and then up my back when sitting.
The armour felt in the right place and the integral pockets held it without too much movement.

The external stash pockets are Velcro’ed but wide enough to get a gloved hand into and behind those there’s taped pockets for stuff that must be kept dry.

The air-sealed pocket was quite a revelation – Got to admit I’m not sure what I’d use it for – but emergency details are a possibility I guess!

The Sunglasses pocket on the top of the right sleeve was also a nice addition – you may never use it, but it shows the level of thought that has been shown in the design.
There are numerous adjustment possibilities to help stop any billowing; two straps on the arms and even under the arms (you just see the little popper in the pic above).

Getting ready for the ride I note with some disappointment that the sleeves only have velcro adjustment. To be clear;  the actual opening is wide enough to squeeze the gloves under when you have ungloved fingers available – I couldn’t get enough room when trying to do the same with the other hand – because I’m now wearing a glove…
OK so it’s built for short gloves – I don’t have any of those (to be honest, I don’t know many people that do), so the gloves go over the top and get strapped down as best I can.
I did find the collar(s) a little fiddly, particularly with gloves on and even after several attempts I wasn’t convinced that I had the right position; when out and about there is a little wind coming down from the collar but overall the jacket was windproof.

Siima’s ‘double collar’ fitting
All internal zips are taped
closeup of the phone pocket

I ended up taking it out on tour in Europe for two weeks and overall I enjoyed wearing it. It has plenty of storage options and whilst it proved a little tight on the forearms when wearing a fleece but it does have to be said that the vents are very well placed – in 30°C you can actually feel the breeze coming through.
I can also confirm that it is only water resistant! The first sign of a reasonable bit of rain and I felt water in that fussy collar and also running down past the elbow armour – I guess that the stretch panels are compromising whatever membrane is being used…

The Siima Mountain View promises a lot and delivers on most. I’m not a huge fan of the current vogue of putting Velcro everywhere, but ultimately the Mountain View does what it says it will. It’s a comfortable fit and warm enough all at a great price (€200 / £148), but a real shame that it’s not waterproof… It would be very probably the best budget jacket out there!

It’s a very good job for a first go at a Touring jacket and I am really looking forward to the MKII.

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