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Rev’it Winter gloves are crafted for motorcyclists. Warm and waterproof, they give you grip and protection.


The design basis for each glove was warmth. Each layer added to your motorcycle gloves for winter is in theory one too many, because each layer affects hand movement precision and thus control. Riding through the winter in comfort requires adding at least one layer of additional warmth and one waterproofing layer.

Keeping your hands dry means they are more likely to stay warm. Waterproofing is essential along with breathability, because wet or sweaty hands become cold hands in no time. An installed membrane just below the outer shell is the waterproofing layer. As your hands move, they heat up and create perspiration that needs to escape to avoid damp hands, while moisture from the outside needs to stay out. High quality GORE-TEX® and hydratex® membranes are incorporated to ensure the new motorcycle gloves for winter are 100% waterproof and breathable.



revit-winter-gloves-warmth2High quality and efficient insulation materials trap and retain the natural heat of your hands inside the glove. An insulation layer is a thick material that remains light weight due to the spacious air pockets that trap and hold heat. The Fall-Winter 2015 winter glove collection features only materials with an excellent warmth to weight ratio as insulation. Both Thinsulate® and Primaloft® are considered the highest performing materials available, allowing you to ride through winter without losing grip on the handlebars because of cold fingers or bulky materials.


There are some key features that create secure grip for precise handlebar control. Material composition and construction highly influence finger and hand mobility, so gloves are constructed with multiple layers that work together and those layers are very thin. Various features are specifically incorporated to improve grip and materials that won’t hinder insulation or waterproofing properties have been chosen. Instead of using bulky insulation, a compact material that uses air pockets to efficiently trap and store body heat has been used. Glove construction contributes to grip as well; using GORE-TEX® grip construction the glove is not only waterproof and breathable but also ensures the three layers work together as one. To increase feel, the inside of the glove features goatskin with a diamond texture.



Your hands are the most vulnerable in the event of a crash and the most likely to make first contact with the surface, taking first impact and sliding over the asphalt until you come to a stop. Needless to say, your hands should be well covered in protective material that will slide without tearing and can absorb most of the impact before it is transmitted to your hands.


SEESOFT™ protection is incorporated in all gloves to protect your hands in the event of a crash. The soft and flexible SEESOFT™ is made of memory foam and follows hand anatomy. SEESOFT™ will reduce impact energy transmitted to the hand during a crash. In a selection of glove models, sturdy armor covers the SEESOFT™ material to optimize sliding. Our two top glove models also feature SuperFabric® material, which is 5 times more abrasion resistant than leather, but with just half the weight.

The entire new glove collection is based on our Engineered skin® design philosophy with innovative features that will distinguish these winter gloves from any others. Sizing has been perfected with the introduction of a new pattern and relocated seams for a sturdy design. The materials used to construct the winter gloves are selected based on their abrasion resistant and durable qualities.


Prices from @£125 for the Taurus GTX to @£65 for the Cygnus H2O