TESTED and REVIEWED: Custom earplugs for motorcyclists by ZENPLUGS

Following our article on TINNITUS I received an email from Dr Toby Bateson who turns out to be the founder of ZenPlugs; a noise-reducing product designed for a multitude of users, of which motorcyclists are one…
Given my bee-in-the-bonnet about the insidious nature of Tinnitus, I was more than happy to give them a try and so Toby kindly posted some out to me. Please note that the normal cost would be £14.99.
Neatly packaged the contents are as thus:
ZenPlugs-items-in-the-box3 plugs (1 pre-assembled and 1 spare)
Cord and caps
Ear lubricant

The procedure is simple enough.
1. Drop the pre-made earplug into a mug of boiling water for 2 minutes.


2 minutes in boiling water


2. While you wait, apply a small amount of the water based lubricant the the desination ear. This improves fit and ease of removal.
3. After 2 minutes, remove the plug from the hot water, shake off the residual water and wait 10 seconds for it to cool slightly.
4. Press the black end into your ear at 90° with gentle pressure; not too hard and do not twist!
5. With it in place, leave for 4 minutes – do not talk, yawn etc – jaw movement will distort the final fit.
6. Remove and fit to the supplied cord – note that the caps are both white, but do have a ‘R’ and ‘L’ to designate Right and Left ears…
7. Repeat for the other ear remembering to reboil the water 🙂

ZenPlugs kindly supply a spare cone, should you fail to mold one correctly and or you lose one.

So it’s a pretty simple procedure but what are they like in the real world under a helmet?

Sadly, from here on in, it’s not so good…
Nevermind that it would have been nice to have different coloured caps to designate Left and Right to make it easier to distinguish, they just looked and felt ‘rough’. I’ve close cropped a pic to hopefully show you what I had. The pic will expand if you click on it.


This roughness is then placed on a very sensitive piece of skin in the ear canal and adding the pressure of the helmet padding just aggravated my already ‘sore’ sensation. There’s just no way I could use these plugs for any period of time. Moreover, I was very concerned about the actual effectiveness of cutting down incoming sound, I could still hear my wife perfectly well with them in and helmet on.

I did, however, on the basis that I might well have been unlucky or just done it wrong, give the second set to my colleague. I said nothing other than ‘read the instructions and watch the video on their site’…
His response was more negative; along with the rough finish, he also couldn’t get them to stay in, even with the pressure of the helmet, they simply slid out after a while. Anyone that has experimented with uber-cheap foam plugs will have had this – and so the device ends up being both an irritation and ineffective.

We would like to make it clear that other people’s “mileage may differ”, but we can only report on what we find and our experiences – we both wanted the idea to work – Tinnitus is a bastard thing, but as it stands, in our opinion, ZenPlug’s solution cannot help.

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Biker47 strongly suggests that you read this article and takes advantage of the £5 discount on offer. These are a stunning product at a mere tenner more.