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Racey jeans now released by Draggin’…

PR Blurb:
Racey Jeans: As a company made up of many female riders we know that women want to look great and feel good when they ride. So we are very excited to introduce to our fellow female riders the very chic Racey.

The Racey are a stretch skinny leg jean and they are the answer to women riders wanting protective jeans that look just like their regular fashion jeans. You just have to look at regular jeans ads to know that the Racey are on trend right now.

They have style, safety and comfort with the sports liner making them comfortable and more breathable all year round.

No butts about it!

Racey jeans advert

The Racey has no visible seams they look like just like jeans you find on the high street. With their super soft blue wash and stretch skinny leg no one will ever know you are wearing riding jeans. Plus the cute back pocket detailing just adds to the fashion feel.
Racey is a summer must for your wardrobe.

The Racey is a mid-rise skinny leg jean made from stretch denim. The cooling sports liner on the inside makes them extremely comfortable and breathable for all year round riding. They are made with knee pockets for armour. No visible panels. Comfort. Style and Safety.
How cool is that?

Drayko Racey has the soft knitted lining with Dyneema® the World’s Strongest Fiber™ and DuPont ™ Kevlar® covering all of the major crash zones. These jeans will last a minimum of 4.4 seconds in abrasion resistance. The lining takes advantage of Dyneema’s amazing strength, which is 40% stronger than Kevlar and 15 times stronger than steel.