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Do You Need a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

“You guys have GOT to get a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet!”

So says our friend Mike – every time we see him, regular as clockwork. But he’s not exactly a great advertisement for a motorcycle intercom.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmetHe was proudly wearing his new Bluetooth helmet when riding through the little towns of rural New Zealand. Now, Mike is pretty religious. He was just cruising along, when he suddenly heard a booming voice in his head say SLOW DOWN, MIKE! WE’RE STOPPING HERE.

He nearly rode straight into a ditch, thinking he was hearing directly from God himself.

Turned out, it was only his mate Darryl on the motorcycle intercom. He’d had one too many coffees on the road and needed an urgent bathroom break.

I’ve been riding pillion 23 years, and so far, the hubby and I have both resisted the lure of the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

We’ve devised our own sophisticated system of communication. For example:

♦ Rapid squeezing with my knees means we’re riding next to an unmarked police car

♦ Leaning forward and pointing at the speedo is a gentle reminder that we’re way over the speed limit

♦  Pretending to milk a cow means we’ve just gone past a field of grazing farm animals.

It’s a subtle and rich biker language we’ve got going, and that’s a fact. And of course, when all else fails, we open our visors and shout. It’s primitive, but it works.

I’d rather wait until we stop for lunch to have a proper chat.

And until we do, I love every second of roaring through the world with my favorite person. We’re connected, but also alone with our own thoughts.
This is probably a good thing – it’s already pretty noisy inside my head without hearing the voice of God – or my hubby – booming in my helmet as well.

But who knows? We might decide in future to take the plunge and buy a set of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets.

How do you communicate when you ride?

With thanks to Liz Hardy.
Liz loves to help women to love motorcycling. Pick up a free guide to fearless riding at her website Pillioness.com