Motoventura motorcycle tours – there’s ‘nun’ like it!

Motoventura 9 lander
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Motoventura is a UK based guided motorcycle tour company that takes riders through the nooks and crannies of 9 European countries…

My first contact with Motoventura was via a Tweet (the picture above) that was promoting their “9-Länder’ tour in June 2016 (see below). The picture and the caption (‘there’s nun like it) made me laugh out loud. Twitterbantz ensued with “I’ll pope along to the site then” and “Don’t wimple out on this one!” ensured that I did indeed look at their site- so social marketing does work then 🙂

The 9-Länder is a 14 day trip through 9 countries and has some proper biking highlights marked out freshly mixed with an alternative viewpoint on sightseeing, here is some of the highlights:
Luxemburg City
Germany’s B500
A dip into Lichtenstein (quite right, it’s a tiny, but fantastically clean place!)
Escape the ‘Child Catcher’ in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s Neuschwanstein Castle
Through Switzerland and onto the glorious Stelvio Pass
Over the Groβglockner to Hitler’s Eagles Nest and the infamous Colditz
Mohne Dam (of Dambusters fame)
Glorious Bruges – sample that world renowned beer!

All told, some 2200 miles through nine countries with quality accommodation included, oh yes indeed, the 9-Länder tickles all the senses.

I spoke to the owner, John, on the phone and he’s plainly very enthusiastic about his bikes; I’m convinced he only gets up in the morning so he can ride somewhere 🙂
They have one of the most comprehensive Welcome Packs I’ve seen being offered by a guided tour company and if you like, you can ask to be ‘observed’ whilst you ride, get some advanced tips and training as part of the deal!
In between the jokes and laughing, he did tell me that there are a couple of spots left on this year’s tour but and at £1828 per solo rider, I’d say go for it. I’m convinced it’ll be a ride of your life!

See Motoventura’s site for details and the T & C’s.
Remember that they host many other Euro tours – check the site!