Motorcycle Outreach to buy a Brough
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Motorcycle Outreach is aiming to buy an almost derelict Brough Superior to help fund its charitable aims…

Motorcycle Outreach is a UK based charity that supports healthcare transport projects in countries such as Tanzania and Indonesia. By setting up self-sustaining low-cost motorcycles for local healthcare professionals to use as cheap and reliable transport, easier access to the remotest parts of these developing countries is now achievable and many lives have been enriched and saved.
They want to raise enough cash via charitable donations to get sufficient funds to buy a near derelict Brough Superior at a Bonham’s auction to then resell to further their aims.

Brough Superior motorcycles are incredibly rare, powerful machines of the pre-war era. Dubbed the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles, they’re famed as the bike of choice for aficionados such as the playwright George Bernard Shaw, and T.E. Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia, owner of eight models.
MoR Director Simon Dufton said of the project:

“…we are launching this Crowdfunding appeal – we believe that it will be possible to generate a strong return, but we can only realise its ambition if we get support.”

But Simon recognises that it is an auction and it’s not guaranteed that they will win it and should they lose out, they will assume that any donors will be happy for the funds to go into the charity’s coffers to further bolster their efforts. Donors can opt out of this if they wish.

Motorcycle Outreach want to buy a BoroughThe auction takes place on the 24th of April 2016 and Bonham’s Ben Walker has told us that “Bonhams regularly achieves world record breaking figures for Brough Superior motorcycles, including unusual projects, which appeal to the enthusiast and collector of the brand. It would be great to see these back on the road, as they are all restorable.” and consequently, MoR needs to get as much as they can to cut down the possibility of losing out on this innovative idea.

The restoration will be carried out by fellow MoR Director Craig Carey-Clinch, who is a well-known motorcycle industry figure with a track record in motorcycle restoration.

You can see the official Bonham’s listing here and donate via their Crowdfunding site here.