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Motorcycle jump-starter review: A flat battery is plainly bad news for any travelling biker – but this box of tech aims to get you out of that hole.

I have to say that I was really really p***ed off when I got my hands on this device. Read on, and you’ll find out why…

“What do you do if you arrive at your bike to find that you have no power?”
A wave of dread starts to fill you as you rapidly conclude that the battery has failed and you’re dead in the water…

It’s damned hard jump starting a bike; you can get some speed because they’re light – but there’s also little or no weight over the rear wheel and releasing the clutch usually results in the wheel simply locking up and skidding rather then forcing the engine to rotate. And you certainly can’t do it without help… So you are stranded wherever you are, no power even to have the headlight on.

So you call your mate / tow truck and just do whatever you can to get the home, with or without the vehicle.

Been there. Done that. Ain’t funny…

Ok so it’s a thankfully rare occurrence, but you can now take that uncertainty away with this little box.

On the face of it, it’s like many other USB battery chargers that are readily available. But here’s the kicker – it has a proprietary connector and once you attach the supplied crocodile clips to your (dead) battery terminals and turn it on – it can push out enough ummmph to turn your engine over.
Not much bigger than an iPhone 5 (and not much heavier) it also has a standard USB connector so you can charge other tech like phones, cameras, GPS – anything that you would normally charge via USB*.
Throw in the powerful LED light and you have a very, very useful piece of tech that quite simply should go everywhere with you, it becomes your technical insurance policy.

Check out the video below for a full demo of what you get and it starting a Suzuki SV1000S.

And let’s be clear here, the 8k is NOT just for bikers – it’ll sort car owners out too – just check out the video below.

Prices vary on the internet and so will the quality of electronics of course. We reviewed the Powercases unit retailing at £90 inc VAT.

* the included 4-in-1 USB cable has 4 connectors: Apple 30 pin, Apple Lightning, USB Mini, USB Micro. If you have a Kindle (which has their own irritating proprietary connector), just use that instead.

So just why was I p***ed off? Well, about 2 weeks prior to receiving this box, I had just bought a portable USB charger for £90 from an AppleStore – and all that does is charge my tech. GRRRRRR!