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Want to ‘fly and ride’ the UK? Want long term secure storage for your pride and joy? MOTOBOX have a solution definitely worth checking out…

Motobox were formed to fulfil two main needs:
To have affordable, secure storage for motorcycles and their associated gear for the long or short term and to provide tourist bikers who fly into a London airport a range of great bikes from Triumph to rent.

Motobox’s bespoke storage facility is housed in Hartfield about 30 miles the Brands Hatch racing track. It’s a modern, gated unit that is also equipped with an infra-red alarm system that in turn is monitored by a staff member 24/7/365.
All bikes destined for storage are checked for existing damage before being hooked up to a battery conditioner and secured. Regular checks are made on the vehicle such as rotating the wheels, turning the engine over and checking for leaks. Since they have a comprehensive Motor Trade insurance, your bike is covered for any issues while in transit to or from their premises, but they do say that if you are stowing the bike with them for any period of time, then you should inform your own insurance company.

This feature has proved quite popular with riders that only ride a few months of the year or have no secure facilities at home for their ‘pride and joy’. Consequently they have clients that SORN their bike in the Winter months (thus saving a few months Road Tax) and take it out from storage when they like, secure in the knowledge that it’ll have been looked after 24/7.
Motobox recognise that even then, there may be the odd occasion that these clients need a ride – just for a day or two, and so they offer these long term clients an automatic 15% discount on any rental motorcycle that they may wish to hire.
Storage fees are £50 per calendar month payable in advance.

The rental business not only appeals to the the above, but also for foreign motorcyclists wanting to ‘fly and ride’ the UK. Motobox have chosen to supply Triumphs… The classic British marque for touring Britain!
Here’s your choices:

Tiger 1050 Sport
Tiger 800 ABS
America LT
Bonneville 865
Street Triple 675
Prices start at £95 per day (for the Bonneville) and they have very flexible rental durations; anywhere from 1 day to weeks – and anywhere inbetween, just ask!
It’s worth noting that there’s a refundable Damage and Insurance Excess of £1000 with 10% of the total rental due at time of booking.

But wait! There’s more…
You can also hire Satnavs, hard or soft luggage, helmets and even clothing. Now this makes Motobox pretty unique I’d say. It’s a real pain in the neck to have to carry, check in and fly all that gear around (as I know from an excursion to the States a couple of years ago) – so the ability to just hire some gear at reasonable prices (£10-15 per day, per item) when you pick the bike up makes a real difference to the pain factor of a fly/ride.
Even more! They can even pick you up from an airport and deliver you back if pre-agreed.

I’m not aware of any other secure storage facility in the UK like Motobox but to be fair there are other Triumph rental services online, but Motobox look to be the cheapest by a good amount.

Check them out below.

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or ring on +44 (0) 1474 630123

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