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We review the Moto-Skiveez padded base layer designed for motorcyclists…

A couple of years’ ago I had the pleasure of a Ducati MultiStrada 1200 for a few days in California, USA. Glorious bike in beautiful weather with stunning scenics. It should have been a trip to savour… But there was a distraction – 50 miles or so and the constant vibration from the big V-Twin and imperfect roads was conspiring to stun the fat and muscle in my upper thigh/buttocks into submission. I was suffering from ‘numb-bum’, and worse was that a simple 10 minute walk around just won’t clear it. Damn it was uncomfortable and really, really distracting!
But it’s a challenge for riders of all types of motorcycles and is seemingly most prevalent in ADV/Custom and sportsbike riders. Different seats and styles of riding cause different problems.

There a number of factors (engine size, number of cylinders, road quality, length of time in the saddle to name a few) that all contribute to the syndrome. We all get the same vibe from the same bike on the same road – it’s just that the individual may not notice it as much as the next.
So there are some established methods of damping the symptoms. Custom gel seats are quite an expense (£300+/$450+), strap-down air-filled pads like AirHawk and you may even see ADV riders on their KSA’s with sheepskin throwovers – they’re all variants on a theme.

Moto-Skiveez are a different take. A wearable base layer that is specifically designed not only to help absorb the natural vibration, but also provide anti-chafing.
Owner/Designer of the Moto-Skiveez is long-time motorcyclist and cycle rider Shaun Lupcho. His unique dual love gave him the experience of how ‘technical shorts’, common the in the cycling world to prevent chafing, could be re-invented for motorcyclists to give them the same benefits, and so the concept of the Moto-Skiveez was born…

Partnering the Italian based TMF facility, renowned in the world of cycling, the data he collected from their thermal imaging cameras and other clever gubbins like pressure point measuring, was transformed into a pull-on short that a biker would wear instead of the normal undergarments.
Different styles of bikes give the rider different pressure points and he has come up with 3 different types of Moto-Skiveez namely SPORT, CRUISER and ADVENTURE, but they are all wrapped up in the same moisture wicking seamless fabric:
Motoskivvies tech outlookNow I have just purchased a 650cc V-Strom and indeed the displacement does seem generate a lot of, what I can only describe as, smaller, more energetic vibration. Num-bum alert!
I didn’t feel affluent enough to fork out for a gel seat and so I purchased a pair for £49.99 from the UK based Adventure Bike Shop.


The instructions say to wash them first (no fabric conditioner, ever.. degenerates the foam apparently) so I did and in the current UK heatwave, I’d consider them ‘wearable’ after a couple of hours and fully dry at four.
Whilst you can feel that you are wearing something ‘different’ they certainly don’t get ‘in the way’ of normal walking and sitting. These are not ‘compression pants’ or designed to be figure hugging unlike cycling variants, so a  little baggy maybe, but the silky smooth fabric is a pleasing feel. After jokingly checking with my wife whether ‘my bum looked big in these’, I set out for a 150 mile run in the unusually-hot-for-the-UK 27°C.

I had to put some miles in to wait for the inevitable numb-bum, so 40 miles in and I got nothing. 80 miles… nothing… 120, nothing… It was to be fair a little hot but frankly given the fact that I had textile trousers on as well, which aren’t as breathable as (say) jeans – there’s no sign of sweating and so the moisture wicking, Silver ion fabric made a big difference.
Zero chafing, great anti-vibe and keen pricing make the all the research and hard work that has plainly gone into Moto-Skiveez a very worthwhile addition to ANY bikers’ gear list… As for me, I’m off to buy another pair for the next Euro trip. 🙂