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Leg covers for Vespa Sprint scooters are available now…

  • Protects from rain, wind and cold
  • Easy access to ignition switch and storage compartments
  • ‘Anti-waving’ system prevents flapping at higher speeds
  • Integrated waterproof seat cover
  • Anti-theft system
  • Reflective detailing for extra visibility
  • Genuine Vespa accessory – easy and quick to fit

A great investment for any Sprint 50/125 owner, the new genuine Vespa Leg Cover helps keep the wind, rain and cold at bay.

Much quicker and easier than struggling in and out of waterproof over-trousers, it’s great for the daily commute and short hops into town, and adds an extra barrier against the weather on longer runs too.

As you’d expect, the outer shell is waterproof – it’s PVC-coated and seamless – which keeps the rider’s legs dry and stops road grime from ruining trousers too. Inside, there’s a cosy synthetic fur lining, providing insulation against the cold and wind.
An ‘anti-waving’ system prevents the cover flapping and billowing at higher speeds, while the structured fabric shell helps the cover to maintain its shape, making it quick and easy for the rider to get on and off the scooter.

The Cover is tailored to fit the Sprint 50/125 perfectly, so, when fitted, access to the ignition and storage compartments is unrestricted. Once parked, a pull-out waterproof extension keeps the seat dry and there’s even a built-in anti-theft, braided steel cable to secure the cover to the scooter. Reflective detailing is included for extra visibility in dark, rainy or foggy conditions, too.

The Genuine Vespa Sprint 50/125 Leg Cover sells for £70.82 including VAT and is available from Piaggio dealers nationwide.
It will also fit the new Primavera.

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