leaos solar powered ebike

Yes… you read right.. LEAOS have launched an electric bike that is solar powered.

We were all thinking it – but now Italian manufacturer Leaos has done it. No more range anxiety with their solar powered cycle.

It’s stunning to look at of course; but don’t let it’s minimalistic, angular design fool you into thinking that this machine is simple… just peruse the features:

Carbon-fibre, monocoque frame
CNC milled wheel adjustment – very similar to some motorbikes
Discrete yet powerful, built-in LED lights
11.6 AH integrated and removable battery pack at 2.2 KG
Mid-engined – with 10 levels of PAS
Disc brakes, front and back
Enclosed and integrated chain
Nuvinci automatic transmission

But to be fair the range is around 20Km – having said that there’s a LED indicator on the handle bars, and if solar isn’t enough, you can power it by ‘conventional power source’.

Of course, for all this tech there’s a price to pay and Leaos have put a number on it… €5900 (before any features like rear rack, carbon fibre mudguards etc). Even the Solar panel itself is additional. Here’s what I came up with:

Leaos with wood

  • Frame outside: Black gloss
  • €1,445.00 Frame inside: Real wood
  • Choose stem for body height: comfort, higher, turned backwards
  • €213.00 Mud Guard black, Carbon: yes
  • €144.00 Rack Carbon, 10 kg load: yes
  • €1,990.00 Solar charging package- preorder: Yes
  • 25/45 kmh: 25 kmh
  • €372.00 Seatpost damping system: yes
  • €150.00 Rear- view mirrow: yes
  • €840.00 additional battery: yes

TOTAL: €11,054

Overall then. Stunning design and execution but not for the faint hearted in price, and do spend some cash on security, because you’ll be leaving it outside to charge 🙂