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Hailing from the Czech Republic, Kuberg have 5 electric motorcycles for 2015. With bikes ranging from the START to the FREE-RIDER, Kuberg are aiming for ages 3 upwards with these aggressively priced bikes. What we really liked about the lower models is that they have a seat – which for young beginners gives their first ride more of a ‘bike’ feel; more of a trails/enduro rather than trials… not to say that trials is off the menu, these bikes still have some decent ground clearance and shocks.
See below for the technical specifications and brief overview.


Kuberg START


With a seat height of 16 inches and a mere 45Kg in weight this is designed for children from age 2 to 5 years old. With a Band Type rear brake and an excellent feature of a Parental Speed Dial – a system whereby parents can dial up or down the power to allow their child to progressively learn the control required.
Motor: 500W, 24V
Batteries: 9Ah 2x12V SLA
Input: 110V or 220V
Runtime: up to 1 hour
Recharge to 100%: 6 Hours
Drive: T90/13
Wheelbase: 32″
Seat Height: 16″
Weight: 45lbs / 20.5Kg
Carry capacity: up to 220 lbs / 100Kg
Top Speed: @15 mph / @24 km/h

£750 / US$1099 / €876 

Inclusive of local taxes


Kuberg TRIAL E


Stepping up from the START is the Trial E. Aimed at children from 5 to 10 years, it has an uprated motor at 750W and the rear brake is changed to a disc. Again, the Parental Speed Dial gives parents piece of mind that the bike is keeping the rider within his/her capabilities.
Motor: 750W, 36V
Batteries: 9Ah SLA x3
Input: 110V or 220V
Runtime:  up to 2 hour 
Recharge time: 
6 Hours
Drive: Chain
Wheelbase: 35″ / 89cm
Seat Height: 18.5″ / 47cm
Weight: 66lbs / 33Kg
Carry capacity: up to 220 lbs  /100Kg
Top Speed: @17 mph / @27 km/h

£1095 / US$1499 / €1189 

Inclusive of local taxes


Kuberg CROSS


With the CROSS, here’s not much technically different from the Trial E… With a higher seat and chain drive it’s aimed at children aged 5-12.
Motor: 750W, 36V
Batteries: 12Ah SLA x3
Input: 110V or 220V
Runtime:  up to 2 hour 
Recharge time: 
6 Hours
Drive: Chain
Wheelbase: 35″ / 89cm
Seat Height: 23″ / 60cm
Weight: 62lbs / 32Kg
Carry capacity: up to 220 lbs  / 100Kg
Top Speed: @17 mph / @27 km/h

£1195 / US$1499 / €1189 

Inclusive of local taxes

Kuberg TREX

A ‘proper’ trials bike for adults or experienced older teens. With close to 2.5 hours of range, this full sized package comes with 4 Power Maps (Eco, Trek, Wet Trial, Dry Trial) to again match the engine’s output with your skill level or the terrain you’re on.
Motor: 5kW, 48V (peak output 7kW)
Batteries: 25Ah
Input: 110V or 220V
Runtime:  up to 2.5 hour 
Recharge time: 
2 Hours
Drive: Chain
Wheelbase: 54″ / 137cm
Seat Height: 30″ / 71cm
Weight: 148lbs / 67Kg
Carry capacity: not stated
Top Speed: @34mph / @55 km/h

Use the email below to check on their pricing on this pre-release model.
The estimate is £4800 / €6100


Kuberg FREE-RIDER Kuberg-freerider

We were really taken by this bike when we saw this at Motorcycle Live UK. It’s pure funk!  Aimed primarily at older teens, the FREE RIDER can cope with adults up to 75Kg. A lower range, but we reckon belting around at 30 mph for an hour will be exhausting enough for most!
This is a very competitively priced and stylish lightweight bike that takes on the incumbent heavyweights.
We quite like the idea of sticking some slicks on there…
Motor: 2kW, 36V
Batteries: 15Ah
Input: 110V or 220V
Runtime:  up to 1 hour 
Recharge time:
2 Hours
Drive: Chain
Wheelbase: not stated
Seat Height: not stated
Weight: 84lbs / 38Kg
Carry capacity: up to 220 lbs  / 100Kg
Top Speed: @34 mph / @55 km/h

£2600 / US$3500 / €3600 

Inclusive of local taxes

Spares are competitively priced, take a look at sample pricing for the CROSS/TRIAL E:
Example costs: Side panel £16
Rear Sprocket £12
Brush Motor – £102
Battery – £31

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