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Kawasaki 1400GTR review – Biker47 looks at the big cc tourer from Japan…

Kawasaki lifted the engine from their mighty ZZ-R1400 for the GTR but wisely detuned it a nudge to make the midrange longer and not so ‘ZZR spacerocket’. Boasting some 130Nm (100 ft.lbs) of torque coupled with a goodly 138 bhp you’ll need a lot of confidence in that front-end – but pleased to report that the mix of Kawasaki’s ABS and Bridgestone’s rubber mean that you always feel planted and secure, even two up and under heavy braking.

Kawasaki 1400GTR reviewThe riding position is ‘sports-tourer’ but the risers on the ‘bars do mean that you’re not leant over too far (I’m 5’11”) and the electrically adjustable screen (easily accessible switch on the handlebar) really helps in deflecting the wind off the helmet (albeit not totally) and that’s great for fatigue and reducing the risk of NIHL, in itself a real danger for long distance, touring motorcyclists.

It doesn’t feel heavy (dry 280kg, wet 315kg), despite the low seat height, the centre of gravity feels just-under-the-knees and whilst slow manoeuvres are of course a little cautious, the light clutch and easily-featherable throttle keep you in control… feet up and balanced – excellent stuff from a big cc.

In motion, the riding position is such that you feel in and on top of the bike, the low centre of gravity inspires confidence in lean and braking – the Kawasaki ABS is particularly good; sharp and focussed with plenty of feel and feedback – you get an instant confidence boost at the first roundabout and traffic light…
The shaft drive does reduce the response of acceleration, but frankly not enough for me to care and it does, of course, keep those pesky maintenance costs down…

The mapping is really, really good. No lurching with power surges around the halfway tacho mark; but positive and linear acceleration; you’ll be breaking the speed limit in no time and cruising those long, smooth European motorways at 80mph at 3750rpm.
A 1400cc will enjoy a drink. The GTR’s 22-litre tank translates to an average range of around 170-200 miles (dependant on your penchant for acceleration of course 🙂 )

Overall, a superb all-round sports tourer. Definitely worth consideration if long trips with the significant other are your thing or just as a weekend blast – it’s capable of both.

Many thanks to Peterborough Motorcycles for allowing us the time on the bike to review it.
Peterborough Motorcycles are one of our favourite dealer/workshops in the South East of England, great service, great pricing and with friendly, knowledgeable staff (always ready with a cuppa for you whilst you peruse their sales area!)

PS: This bike is for sale! ">Email Martin 

Value for money
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