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How to clean your visor on the move…

Rain, snow, general road grime and flies with suicidal tendencies all collude to block your vision and that’s potentially a very bad thing, so how to clean your visor on the move?

Rain you can wipe off; I’ve even been known to slightly tilt my head away from dead-centre to use the oncoming wind and curve of the visor to ‘blow’ water off, but Summer flies and road grime it’s considerably more problematic; so you have to stop at service stations and do your best with the bucket of cold water and car windshield squeegees…

And that is what VISORCAT are attempting to replicate but in a small and well designed velcroed wrist attachment.

Made from a ‘rubbery’ material (TPE), the Visorcat incorporates a sponge, cleaning fluid and wiper blade secured around your wrist and Index finger.
Specifically designed to be operated effectively with one hand it has received endorsements from the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists and many other riders.

how to clean your visor - visorcat in place

How to clean your visor Visorcat changing spongeSells for £30 from their online shop and included are a sponge (3 pack refills at £5.40) and 50ml of cleaning fluid (250ml refill is £5.00).