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Hood Jeans K7 review: The new iteration is tried and tested…

Hood started making jeans back in the ’50’s and was at the forefront of developing reinforced jeans in the UK when suitable materials became available circa 1998.
Following our interview with them a few months back, Hood asked us to test out their popular K7 motorcycle jean which at £129.99 (£164.99 with D3O T5 Evo Pro X armour) are certainly keenly priced in comparison with other market players.

It’s easy to see why Hood has such a good reputation – the stitching and finish coupled with a ‘good’ weight instantly give you the mental reassurance that they’re solid gear…
Hood jeans k7 review
Hood jeans k7One of the improvements to the K7 is a new version of the K-tech Para-aramid lining (the Kevlar weave that deals with the abrasion aspect of protection) which is now softer to the feel and yet ‘doesn’t compromise the abrasive qualities’.

What I found particularly comforting is that Hood don’t just add the liner to the main impact areas – the whole jean from waistband to top-of-boot is covered. Kinda makes good sense really since you can’t predict how you’re going to slide, it’s best to cover all the options…

Since I had the jeans inside out, the other feature that is noticeable is that the armour is held in place by Velcro rather than sewn-in fixed pockets. This is actually a very good piece of thinking. One of the issues I’ve had with other ‘pocketed’ jeans is the differing amount of ‘ride’ (the way the trouser rises up the leg when you bend it) dependent on which bike you happen to be sitting on… For the User to be able to adjust the armour placement to their own preference is a very useful thing…

The pockets are deep and, more importantly, made out of the same denim as the rest of the trouser. Why? So that they don’t wear out like the usual thin cotton pockets that reside in most jeans.

Another example of the detail and no-compromise approach that Hood plainly take with their products.

Hood jeans k7Slipping them on, they are obviously heavier than the average denim but the thing I hadn’t thought about but appreciated was that the Para-aramid lining actually keeps you warmer by adding an extra layer of protection from the wind blast, which even at 15°C can be a little chilling in the UK – and so you can be ‘riding casual’ for longer in the year.
The reverse applies of course, on the Biker47 tour this year in Northern Spain and Portugal, where temperatures start at 18°C and can rise to over 30°C – you do get appreciably warmer, not as warm as you’d be in leathers but if the higher end temperatures are your normal then check out Hood’s Cargo Jeans.

Overall then these are heavy duty, high quality, motorcycle jeans with a no compromise approach augmented with top-of-the-range armour; the K7 is a protective motorcycle product easily worth the asking price.

£129.99 or £164.99 with D3O T5 Evo Pro X armour

Do check out their excellent website at HOODJEANS.CO.UK
Free Worldwide delivery
Free UK Exchange service

Subsidised Worldwide Exchange Service
Size 30″-44″ / Size 8-18

* Top Tip: Turning the jeans inside out when placing the armour makes life a lot easier!




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