Hood jeans cargo review
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Hood Jeans Cargo review: we trial them over 3000 miles in 30°C…

Hood’s Cargo offering are designed and aimed at riders in places where temperatures are a regularly (say) 20°C plus…

Hood Jeans cargo review - 1Made from a poly/cotton mix yet still retaining the all important K-tech Para-aramid lining (the anti-abrasion kevlar weave that literally ‘saves your skin’) from waistband to shin, this lighter motorcycle trouser will keep you cooler at higher ambient temperatures.

Hood Jeans cargo review - 3In a recent 3000 mile tour around Northern Spain and Portugal, I found myself just wearing the Cargo’s by default; light and soft on the skin, the extra airflow that the lighter poly/cotton outer afforded was an absolute boon when temperatures crept over 30°C. Standing up on the pegs to allow the occasional ‘extra blast’ through the MotoSkiveez meant that I felt happy to ride for hours on end without feeling sticky and irritable.

Hood Jeans cargoManufacture and feature wise, they are pretty much identical to Hood’s ever popular K7’s; K-tech Para-aramid lining from waistband to shin; pockets made of the stronger poly/cotton material rather than thin cotton; D3O armour held by Velcro rather than fixed position pockets; all metal YYK zip; additionally two large rear pockets and two thigh pockets secured by grippy Velcro – it ticks all the boxes…

I can’t resist the opportunity to laud D3O armour! Thinner than most, it’s wonderfully flexible and slightly slippery which really aids the fit and feel around the joints… The hips don’t protrude too much to make the waist feel tight and the knees mould themselves perfectly to a bent leg… Wonderful!

I highly recommend the Hood Cargo Jean; at the same price as the K7 (see our review here) with near identical protection rating, the added coolness and extra storage makes them a real winner for me.

£122.99 or £164.99 with D3O T5 EVO Pro armour.

Do check out their excellent website at HOODJEANS.CO.UK

Free Worldwide delivery
Free UK Exchange service

Subsidised Worldwide Exchange Service
Size 26″-36″ / Size 8-18

* Top Tip: Turning the jeans inside out when placing the armour makes life a lot easier!


Fit and Comfort
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