Forma Naxos review
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Forma Naxos review: the Naxos part of a new breed of casually-styled ‘Street’ motorcycle boot.

Forma’s Naxos short motorcycle boots are aimed at bikers who either do not want to wear the traditional full-length, shin-high, black, armoured boot or just want to look ‘casual’ when they arrive at their destination…

Forma naxos reviewSpecs:
Full-grain leather upper.
Drytex waterproof lining.
Reinforced ankle, toe and heel.
Zip fastened. Some extra tightness can be achieved via the laces.
Removable insole.

The Naxos also come with a gear change protector for your left foot, which you don’t have to wear (and frankly I didn’t a lot of the time because I did simply forget to put it on) but if you don’t and you have a geared bike, you will end up with a blackened dent on the leather from the lever rubber leaving a mark…

Forma Naxos review
Oh! New boots?

Plainly the target markets for these boots would be younger riders or commuters; bikers who travel a few miles to work on say a scooter and want that casual look not only on the bike but also off it – and I’ve seized that premise and so I’ve been wearing them nearly every day for the last three months… Indeed, I carried on to extremes by wearing them through France, Northern Spain, Portugal and back through France on Biker47’s 3000-mile tour this year.

I haven’t cleaned them or ‘looked after’ them in any way – just to see how they would hold out…

I was riding ‘casual’ this year. The Naxos’ joined a pair of Hood Jeans’ Cargo trousers and a Draggin’ Jeans’ Roo Hoodie and throughout the hard riding 12 days they were either on the bike or tramping the bars and restaurants in search of sustenance… Yes, I think it would be fair to say that I have put a years’ worth of wear in double quick time – and throughout that time I’d say that I found them more than capable of dealing with whatever I threw at them, just check out the pictures…
It’s true that I would like to see thicker padded insole for when walking around, but they are easily replaceable, there are many variants around, but I really like Svartz footbeds by Altberg Boots. But it’s no biggy, I suffer from Plantar fasciitis and I didn’t get an attack whilst wearing the Naxos, either on or off the bike.

Forma Naxos review
10 minute polish up!

In summary, the Naxos’ have performed admirably with the out-of-scope abuse handed out to them. At £169.99 and in sizes 38-47 they are an excellent choice if you want to look like you’re not wearing motorcycle boots and you want to arrive with dry feet!

Dealers in over 70 countries – see their dealer list HERE
SRP of £169.99 / €189.90


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USA websiteEURO website

forma naxos - new colour for 2017

Value for money
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