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Draggin Jeans Biker Blue review: A.T.G.A.T.T*. often doesn’t fit in with your life or style. Does an Australian company have the solution?

*A.T.G.A.T.T = All The Gear All The Time: It’s a mantra that many motorcyclists live by and indeed cite to newbie riders as a ‘Golden Rule’. No matter the weather or the distance, wear the correct protective apparel (boots, trousers, jacket, helmet, gloves etc) to give yourself the best protection should the worst happen…

I subscribe to that mantra. I’ve always believed that it’s better to be hot and sweaty under leathers rather than ‘picking gravel out with tweezers” – shudder, sob…

But does it actually have to be that way in this day and age?

Getting hot and sweaty not only makes the ride uncomfortable and that’s no fun – and that’s one of the main reasons why you ride right? Being distracted by the heat means that you cannot truly focus on the task in hand – and that’s dangerous right?

Draggin’ Jeans, over the last 18 years have been producing casual looking trousers for motorcyclists and what makes them different is the CE approved armour at the knees, the Kevlar stitching and their proprietary ‘RooMoto‘ fabric (a crafted mixed of cotton and Kevlar) that covers all the major points of probable road contact. The idea here is that in sliding on tarmac, the RooMoto material increases the abrasion resistance many fold to protect the skin from ‘road rash’. Indeed, Draggin’s founder Grant Mackintosh famously proved this point by literally putting his arse on the line and was towed by a speeding motorcycle whilst he skidded behind it on his rear.

… Imagine the potential damage all that friction generated heat could do! Couple that with the naturally rough tarmac surface and Grant walked away with probably a slightly sore bum – but no treatment required. Genuinely impressive I’d say.

I want a closer look.

Draggin Jeans Biker Blue
Draggin Jeans Biker Blue

With no a sign of loose or unfinished stitching the attention to detail and finish gives an air of quality and inspires confidence.

Draggin Jeans Biker Blue

The jeans inside out. You can see the yellow “RooMoto” material and CE approved knee armour.

Draggin Jeans Biker Blue
Double stitching on the RooMoto areas
Draggin Jeans Biker Blue
Straight armour designed to bend as you do…

So how about the fit?

The Biker Blue a stretch denim. This is a good thing, it doesn’t ride up so much as to dislodge the knee armour when you raise your legs to get them on the pegs. Naturally sitting just above the waist the (7) wide belt loops will give a better grip and again less likelihood of slipping should the worst happen.
The general fabric is soft to the skin and whilst you are aware of the extra lining where the RooMoto is, they are instantly comfortable. Nice!

Draggin Jeans Biker BlueWear them over or under your boots (under gives a little better friction on the fabric to help stop the armour riding up out of position) they are certainly stylish enough; I took the armour out and wore them down the local hostelry when ‘poor planning’ left me me with no clean trousers… Only my teenage fashionista daughter noticed I was wearing something different (and she liked them 🙂 ).
I took them with me on a 2700 mile trip around Europe in the Summer of 2015 where they were pretty much on all the time – knee armour in when on the bike – slipped out in the evenings. They even experienced the delights of the B500 in Germany’s Black Forest. A 46km rolling road fabled for it’s technical corners and scenery. I was more worried about the front suspension coping rather than what would happen if I came off… the combination of knowing that you’ve got armour and Kevlar on you does just make that mental difference.

Ever been torn what to do with ‘all the gear’ when you get to work, pub, college? Do you try and stuff it all on the bike? Take it with you? Where to put it? Keep it on…? Yep! Been there, it’s a frustration for sure.
Well these jeans can solve some of those problems; no you won’t go racing in them, but the safe options just got wider.
Stylish and cool (in both senses of the word) the application of modern technology have combined to make a pair of trousers which are suitable for purpose.

After 20 odd years on various bikes subscribing to A.T.G.A.T.T. – I’ve had my mind opened. Kevlar jeans do have a place in the modern biking wardrobe (the youngsters will love these!) and Draggin’s Biker Blue’s are a great example of what can be done when someone takes an idea and works at it. Well done Draggin! You’ve got a convert.

Pricing and Options:
BIKER Blue’s are AUS $279 / £130 / €184 / USD $198
CE Thigh armour available as a DIY addition AUS $25 / £12 / €17 / USD $18

Check out their site and Draggin’ Jeans have a worldwide distribution network.

Draggin’ have a huge range of fabrics and styles; Cargos, Chinos, Camo for Men, Women and KIDS
Even Kevlar items for Cyclists…


Check out their C-EVO – the World’s first CE Level 1 approved motorcycle Jean

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