Dainese MIG C2 gloves review
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Dainese MIG C2 gloves review – these lightweight summer gloves are tested in the blazing heat of Spain…

The Biker47 2016 tour this year was to take in the delights of Northern Spain and the tip of Portugal in a 12-day, ‘fun-in-the-sun’, 3000-mile extravaganza and with the average temperature in early June around 27°C, it seemed an ideal opportunity…

I had several items with me to review but I wanted this year to have a ‘proper’ pair of short gloves because almost unbelievably, I’ve never owned a pair and I wanted to experience as the whether it’s worthwhile having ‘yet another’ piece of motorcycle gear stacked on my increasingly crowded Bike Tidy

Dainese MIG C2 gloves reviewDainese MIG C2 gloves review - frontThe Dainese MIG C2 gloves are mostly a cowhide construction with mesh inserts for additional airflow its protective qualities come from Polyurethane knuckle protectors and extra layering across the palm. It also features extra-grippy sections on the fingers and palm and is closed by a velcro wrist strap. With pre-curved fingers, the Dainese MIG C2 are certified to CE – Cat. II – Pr-EN 13594/2010 Standard lev. 1.

What did I think?
I had to go for an XL because the L (which is my normal size) was simply too tight across the palm; that is the stretch laterally from base of thumb to between the 4th and 5th and fingers, and moving up to XL now meant the fingertips were not really close enough to the end to the glove to be snug. Heyho – maybe I don’t have Dainese shaped fingers…
Certainly, they slip on nicely and the velcro holds them well enough and the feel coming through was pleasing and sensitive. I did actually notice the extra grip supplied by the small add-ons so that’s a great feature.

However, I was a little disappointed with the ‘coolness’ afforded by these summer gloves. I really struggled to get any extra blast through the mesh without actually holding my hand up to face the wind…
I did, however, note that these gloves do actually have some capacitive qualities (you can operate a touchscreen with them on), but the positioning of this area is too far down the finger for you to be accurate on screen. To be fair, Dainese do not advertise this as a feature, so it’s unfair to deduct marks for that!

Overall, they are perfectly capable gloves with good feedback. A little rough in the finish and the ‘Dainese-shape’ of the gloves may well dictate a larger size than what you’re used to.
At £60 / US$90 average price it’s top dollar!

Overall value for money
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