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Chain Monkey REVIEW – Tru-Tension aims to make chain maintenance simple…

We all know why you should adjust your motorcycle’s chain; a correctly adjusted chain increases performance, speed of throttle response, reduces chain/sprocket wear and can aid your fuel consumption…
We’ve all been there. Sitting on the floor spinning the rear wheel round and pushing the oily chain upwards at regular intervals to get to the magic distance – could be an inch or even an inch and a half – it’s experienced guesswork… could you honestly say that your work was absolutely bang on? Probably not.

Chain Monkey designed by engineer/owner Chris Frappell, aims to take the guesswork out this task and apply some maths and engineering to the subject – the appliance of science if you will.


The operation is simple enough. Measure the width of the chain – mine happens to be the standard 13mm. Check against the manufacturer’s specifications and Chain Monkey’s handy ‘sizing’ chart and that will give you a position to set the bottom of the dome on the device.

Chain-Monkey-tablethen place it on the chain… actually – just watch the vid – it’s simple and really doesn’t need a long written spiel!

The reality is that it is that simple. Just be sure that you get the right amount of slack and you should be good. I’d guess that it saves me about 3 minutes a time. Not a lot but remember that I don’t have to spin the wheel around and keep checking the grubby chain.
Designed for anything that uses a chain as a final drive, the accuracy and speed that tells you what’s actually happening makes it a winner in the pits since it greatly reduces the time to change a wheel.

A good tool, not absolutely necessary, but well worth the minimal investment.

Available online at £24.99 (P+P extra)
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