Bolt M-1
The world's first hybrid motorcycle
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BOLT M-1 motorbike: There’s a new gang on the block, and they’ve dreamt up a unique product…

Bolt-M-1-side-shotWhat is it? Pushbike? Moped? Motorbike?” Turns out it’s all three… sure it won’t be everyone’s visual taste, but just give yourself a minute to read through what we’ve been able to find out and then decide.

Bolt Motorbikes was founded by Dr Nathan Jauvtis*, Zach Levenberg** and Josh Rasmussen*** (following a successful $200k Indiegogo fundraising campaign) with the aim of pushing the boundaries on the concept of an “efficient electric vehicle”. Their combined technical expertise and design skills have allowed them to meld the traditional idea of a ‘bicycle’ with the accepted design of a ‘motorbike’ – and bolt (ahem 🙂 them together to present the World with a moped-style e-bike… It’s their take on the ‘best of both worlds’ and that has given us the World’s first hybrid motorcycle…

The Gritty:
27″ seat height (so even a 5′ person can get on); 45″ wheelbase; 17″ wheels with ‘proper’ rubber.
Twist-n-go (no clutch, no gears) driven by a 5500W brushless motor that in turn gets its power from a rechargeable, replaceable 1.68 kWh battery pack and with two power settings, you can get anywhere from 30-50 mile range. Pleasingly, the M-1 features regenerative braking and pedals in case you get carried way with the fun factor…

Weighing in at 63.5 Kg with a top speed of 40 mph (Sport mode) and a full recharge time of 5 hours and ‘motorcycle’ tyres and brakes, the Bolt M-1 gives you speed, handling and an industry leading range.

Battery status, remote lock /unlock, geofencing and track metrics are are viewable via Bolt’s proprietary App.

Bolt Motorcycle M-1 offroad
Your local law may require ‘Sport’ mode when off-road only…

The Reality:
We should remember that Bolt are based just outside of San Fransisco and consequently, they have made damn sure that it complies with CA law. Thus, the ‘Economy’ mode limits the bike at 1000W and a top speed of 20 mph so that’s the way forward on Californian tarmac. Bolt have a ‘Nuts-out’ setting – this Sport mode is for off-road only.

The irritating reality is that very, very few legislatures around the world have got their head around how to deal all this electric innovation. Bolt are plainly aware of this discombobulation and told us:

We are currently reviewing which countries to enter but are laser focused on the U.S. market. We’ve had amazing support from all over the world with requests coming from over 30 countries and 5 continents and will likely be entering into European and Asian markets in the coming years.
Entering into the Asian or European markets may require some changes we will be looking into. Our R&D team will be continually enhancing the M-1 to be the highest performing most motorcycle-like electric bike in the next country we deploy in.
We all at BIKER47 sincerely hope that they continue to innovate and push forward. If this bike is anything like the KTM E-SM that we had for a few days recently- then the grin factor will be 100%. The BOLT M-1 is that currently has the list price of US$5495 it sits firmly in the middle of ‘e-bikes‘ and ‘e-motorcycles‘. They do run regular ride-out tester days and we’re mightily miffed that we can’t easily take them up on that offer!

♦ Worthy of note: The’thief resistant’ battery packs have about 2000 cycles in them (5+ years) and a further pair of batteries is priced at around US$ 1600. 

*Dr. Nathan Jauvtis

Founder Nathan Jauvtis has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has always had a passion for reducing our environmental impact, including founding non-profit A-Day-Without-Driving, a grassroots movement dedicated to educating the world about how we can decrease our carbon footprint. His passion for the environment has been one of the driving forces to create Bolt Motorbikes. As part of the core team at Zero Motorcycles, his contributions led to the production scale of their flagship X-model.

**Zach Levenberg

Co-founder Zachary Levenberg is a San Francisco native who set a world record by riding his classic moped from San Francisco to the southern tip of South America, a 13,000 mile and six-month adventure.  He was also instrumental in the development of Lit Motors’ Kubo electric cargo scooter and C-1 self-stabilizing, 2-wheeled electric car.

*Josh Rammussen

Co-founder Josh Rasmussen switched from driving cars to riding motorcycles several years ago when he moved to San Francisco from Nebraska.  With over a decade of sales and marketing experience, including years in the automotive industry, Josh leads the charge on the go-to-market to keep bringing the M-1s to the US and Global Market.

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