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BIKER TIDY review – for a tidy bikers

We’ve all got this problem no matter what we ride – sports, trails, tourers or whether we just commute; we all have collected a seemingly burgeoning load of ‘stuff’ that relates to our bikes; helmets, boots (summer and winter of course), jackets (two or three of them), gloves etc… And god forbid if there’s more than one biker in the family – you wake up one day with the realisation that you cannot get into the garage because of all this gear. Time to do something about it.

Well, that happened to me (wonderfully assisted by my wife who was the first to ‘notice’ IYSWIM) and since I couldn’t bring myself to dispose of any of it, despite I hadn’t worn that pair of gloves for some years now, I trawled the Internet to see what was out there…

There’s actually quite a lot to be fair. But as you wade through the links, study the pictures and check out the size of the things and then finally the price it becomes fairly obvious that there’s a front runner and it’s the Biker Tidy from a UK outfit based in Northamptonshire.

They’ve got a wide range of accessories to make tidying up all your biking gear work for you. Floor standing frames (single or double size), racks with or without open ‘drawers’ that are screwed to the wall in many sizes – all designed to look good enough to even use inside the house if you had to. Excellent I’ll get one of them then!

I wanted a wall mounted rack and having checked the dimensions I settled for the Single Biker Tidy at £49.99 and got it ordered.
It turned up 36 hours later, by courier and while it seems an odd thing to notice, I did see the Quality Control sticker on the front of the box which I felt was a very good sign.

Biker Tidy-QA

On opening the box, I was again pleasantly surprised at the obvious attention and care that had been taken to protect the product, plenty of bubble wrap all stuck together with sellotape.

Biker Tidy-in-box


No danger of damage there then, here’s what you get by default.

Biker Tidy-out-box


I’ll note that the quality and finish was exemplary. Not a jot of a problem – it even came with wall plugs for the supplied screws, top work!
The instructions are simple to follow, there’re only 4 screws to deal with and to be fair, that was a little difficult with only one pair of hands, but that’s not Biker Tidy’s problem…

Biker Tidy-level-up


Holes drilled and screws screwed, it’s a simple matter of getting the shelf/basket attached to the bracket. You can plainly see the two hooks at the bottom that are there to hold the shelf up, and if there’s a small tip to note, in the middle of the shelf there’s a small lug to locate; so tip the basket almost vertical as you offer it up to the bracket and then it’ll slip in under the main bar… Lower it down and then all you need to do is loosely screw in the diagonally supporting bars on either side, drop on the supplied clothes hangers and you’re done.

Biker Tidy-on-wall


So I’ve now got my Winter jacket/trousers, hoodie, 3 pairs of gloves, 2 snoods and 2 helmets sorted. When I order another hanger, I’ll have the leathers as well out of the way of tripping feet… Sweet!

Biker Tidy-finish


Overall then, I’d say that the Biker Tidy is a well designed, manufactured and finished product. You can always moan about price, but I wouldn’t be so churlish, this is a great product that does exactly what it says it would.

Further to all of that, you should really check out their other options, here’re just a few pictures to give you a flavour of what you could lay your hands on – and as Biker Tidy show, there’s no real reason that you should restrict their products purely to motorcyclists.

Ease of fitting
Build quality
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