The Benelli Classica e-bike pedelec (released under their grouping of “E-City”) represents the next generation of cycles from this renowned manufacturer.

Benelli have been making bicycles (and even motorbikes) for a long time – since 1911 to be exact. Their reputation for that ‘just so’ Italian design makes these e-bikes very visually attractive and the results of their labours in the cycle racing world are bordering on legendary.
Bought out by Chinese firm Qjian Jiang in 2005, Benelli embarked on a program of e-bike manufacture in 2011 and in those 4 short years have produced 11 bikes each with it’s own look and personality.
Read on for a overview of the CLASSICA.

Benelli Classica blackBenelli classica CREAM


Cosmopolitan and elegant, Classica is an e-bike with a strong personality and city character, and comes in a 3 wheel sizes with corresponding colours:
24″ – Cream and Light Blue
26″ – White and Black and Cream
28″ – Black and White.

All powered by a front hub 36V/250W motor you have 4 assisted modes, controlled by a twist grip (LED display). The 24″ sports a 6.6Ah battery rather than the larger models that use a Panasonic 9Ah battery at 9Ah, this explains the slight difference in range which is stated at 65km (40 miles) rather than the big brothers which keep going until 70km (43 miles).

  • Shimano Nexus 3 speed (24″). Shimano Nexus Inter-3 3 speed for 26″ and 28″.
  • Tektro V Brakes (front). Shimano Roller Brake (rear)
  • Grand Star or Gyes designed saddle.
  • Benelli designed rear rack (wood!).
  • Kendra tyres

Motor: 250W, 36V
Batteries: 6.6Ah for 24″, 9Ah for 26″ and 28″ models
Runtime: 65-70km (40-43 miles)
Recharge to 100%: 4-7 hours
Drive: Chain
Top Speed: @15mph (@25 km/h)

£899 / US$2100 / €1135

Inclusive of local taxes


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