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Bell Star, a CE certified motorcycle helmet that has a 360° camera built-in…

… and Bell also claim it will come with collision avoidance abilities to alert the rider of potential danger outside their normal field of vision.

Bell Star with 360FlyWhy bother you might think. Helmet cams have been around for many years and it’s a market filled to the brim with cameras of all shapes and sizes which in turn supports a burgeoning market in accessories – suction cups, various straps, U clamps in various guises etc etc…
But it makes sense. It tidies everything up and the current vogue of recording all rides whether for personal / public consumption or as court evidence, having such a device built into the helmet does make life considerably easier, albeit your choice of helmet manufacturer is, so far, restricted.

Nonetheless, we’re intrigued by Bell’s Star with 360Fly camera. It is a worthy innovation that if it develops onward, we could easily see it becoming a defacto standard – training companies could use it for live streams; insurance companies could even make the use of such a device compulsory on some policies – and that’s not as crazy as it seems with a slow move towards telemetric apps and ‘discounts’ if you’re a ‘good’ driver…

Some tech specs to get you going:

360Fly 360° 4K camera, capable of also shooting conventional 16:9 video.
The video capabilities are driven by 360fly’s proprietary mobile app, featuring a simple user interface that allows users to instantly edit and share content to popular platforms such as Facebook or YouTube.
Shooting at 2880 x 2880 at up to 30 FPS, the integrated camera also includes a built-in GPS sensor to tag locations, a barometer/altimeter and accelerometer all powered by an advanced Qualcomm® Snapdragon 800 processor.
Like the original 360fly camera, the integrated camera comes standard with Bluetooth, built-in Wi-Fi and
has up to two hours of battery life.

But there’s more. It’s detachable – your investment in what is plainly going to be an expensive helmet (no official pricing but the Star by itself is £400 and the RRP of a 360Fly is $400), so the camera can be used elsewhere, and 360Fly have spent a lot of time building markets other than motorsports.

Money aside, we love the idea. 360° cameras are really great technology – extreme sports and motorcycle training companies will love it, FaceBook already are prepped for the use of such videos…

Gotta love CES!