Audi e-bike concept

Of course Audi want to whet our appetites and show off their e-bike concept in the most intriguing way, but burying it under a tab called ‘Concept Cars’ on their website is a little too ‘intriguing’.

However, we are not disappointed. These teasing pics show what can be achieved if a global player sets it’s mind to it – they could quite frankly be censored; this bike is bordering on ‘for adults only’ – if you get what I mean…
All that carbon fibre – highlighted with greys and silver, subtle red buttons and discrete LED display. There is, believe it or not, lights built into it as well.

Audi e-bike concept sideonAudi ebike concept from frontSo a little on the specs:
More flyweight than lightweight. The carbon fibre frame and wheels giving a mere weight of 4.8 lbs – that’s less, and I can hardly bring myself to say it, less than 2 Kgs. Admittedly, once you add the Lithium ion cells and other gubbins it rises to 21Kg, but even that’s at the lower end of everything else.
The brakes are hydraulic disc front and rear and the air sprung front fork gives 130mm (5.2″) of travel. The 48V, 2.3kW battery gives a range of somewhere between 50-70 Km (31-43 miles) and Audi reckon this thing will spin up to a rather scary 80 km/h (50 mph)!

Here’s the 4 ‘ride modes’ that are available via the onboard computer:
Pure mode is the standard, unassisted ride mode, in which the rider propels the bike by means of the pedals.

In ‘Pedelec’ mode the rider is assisted by the electric motor; a top speed of up to 80 km/h (50 mph) can be reached.

In ‘eGrip’ mode the Audi e-bike can be ridden with the electric motor providing all the necessary power at speeds of up to 50 km/h (31 mph)

Power Wheelie & Balanced Wheelie
In Power wheelie mode the power flow is electronically controlled in order to assist the rider when the front wheel is in the air.
Balanced wheelie provides an adjustable wheelie angle for less experienced riders.

Audi concept ebike with smartphoneAll this wheelie-ing hooks into the onboard tech. You can connect your smartphone via WLAN to allow video and trick recording. You can even immobilise it remotely.

This is a product that has been thought about. Crafted. Polished. Not happy with it, so done again, and again… and then again… attitude.
Just awesome!
(once there’s a seat 🙂