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Alta Motors Redshift – joins the new breed of electric motorcycles…

Marc Fenigstein, CEO of Alta Motors, knows all to well that the motorcycling fraternity has been slow to take up the concept of electric power but happily joins the fray with his Redshift MX and SM.

Designed from the ground up by the in-house engineers and backed by $17.5 million venture funding, he and his partners Derek Dorreestyn and Jeff Sand are taking orders for these two variants – to be delivered very soon (June 2016?).

Alta Motors Redshift MXThe MX is aimed specifically at the Motocross market where races last about 30 minutes… and so that’s about the life of a charge 🙂
With a maximum 40 hp being delivered from a 5.8 kWh battery, the MX can power up to 80 mph with a 2-hour range (based on recreation trail/mixed road use).
Fully adjustable suspension front and back hold the 21″ spoked front and 19″ spoked rear wheels. Weighing in at 255 lbs and a seat height of some 37″/939mm.

Alta Motors Redshift SMWith the SM, with its supermotard-y offroad-y styling, Alta is looking at the fast-and-furious commuters/weekend warriors that want to kickstart their day with a buzz.
A little faster on the top speed (85 mph) from the same basic engine/battery/suspension as the MX, it is a little heavier at 265 lbs. The rims drop to a more road-friendly 17″ front and back whilst the seat height reduces to a mere 35.5″/889mm. Still tall to be fair so you’ll be needed to be kicking 6′ to be comfortable in getting both feet on the floor.

The REDSHIFT MX is be sold at $14,995 and the SM for five hundred bucks more at $15,495.

You can pre-order them HERE and follow

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