ACF-50 motorcycle anti-corrosive spray is a product originally developed for the Aviation industry, but has just as much relevance for motorcycles…

ACF-50 is a light carrier of a proprietary package of additives that transform it into an astonishing creeping-fluid AND an outstanding de-watering fluid too. These properties mean that just the smallest amount will get into every crevice, every blemish of corrosion, and utterly remove the water… No water means no corrosion, period. And that’s just the start of it. ACF-50 stays in place for up to a year, actively spreading, sacrificing itself to keep corrosion at bay.

Originally developed for the Aviation industry (where approvals for safety are considerably more rigorous) the fluid has been trialled by the US Navy who were able to show a significant reduction in corrosion on their jets and aircraft carriers… so much so, that the use of ACF-50 is now common.

Here’s what the manufacturers say:

  • MIL SPEC 81309 TYPE II AND III APPROVALS which means ACF-50 is approved for ferrous and nonferrous metals, electrical systems and electronic components.
  • CHEMICALLY NEUTRALISES corrosive environmental effects, particularly crud, dirt and road salt.
  • EASILY APPLIED non-drying, ultra-thin, clear film.
  • CONTAINS NO WATER,SILICON,TEFLON OR WAX no sticky build up, no risk of existing corrosion being sealed in and no risk of water remaining where it will cause corrosion and damage, even on electrics.
  • ‘ACTIVE’ which means that it ‘creeps’ and ‘keeps on working’.
  • DOESN’T NEED REAPPLYING AFTER EVERY WASH! Under tanks/seat areas, on electrics etc. ACF-50 will last up to 12 months. On more exposed areas retreat as necessary.
  • ECONOMICAL – 95% Product – little goes a long way – lasts ages.
  • SAFE TO USE ANYWHERE ON THE BIKE (but go easy on the callipers due to the obvious need to avoid the brake discs & pads!) Can be sprayed directly into electrical joints and components where it will prevent corrosion induced failures and high resistance joints.
  • SERIOUSLY ENHANCES the look of the bike and brings black trim up a treat.
  • All Year Round SERVICE SPRAY.

The fluid can be used across the whole of your motorcycle. Metal, plastics, chrome and even electrical contacts can all be protected by the concoction and since it ‘actively’ creeps into space (capillary action) and will start to ‘lift’ the water away from wherever it finds it… the corrosion-causing water is then at the ‘top’ (and then evaporates), it means that it has a retrospective effect as well.
With your whole bike covered, salt and dirt simply washes off and you can tell if areas need re-applying if water doesn’t bead – and with many very positive reviews, it would appear to be very probably the best £14.99 you’ll ever spend in motorcycle maintenance!

ACF-50 cans and bottles

I’m looking forward to trying it – if it makes cleaning my spoked wheels easier then I’m definitely up for it … if it happens to be anti-corrosive as well, then so much the better 🙂

Check out the main site for application and specific motorcycle advice HERE
Buy from their online shop HERE (yes it is an aviation e-shop!)