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Globebusters Ace-to-Ace 2017 leaves London’s Ace Cafe and arrives in Bejing’s Ace Cafe some three months later…

GlobeBusters second overland ride from the world-famous Ace Cafe London to the recently-opened Ace Cafe Beijing is set for April 2017, but anyone wishing to join them will need to decide soon, because applications close on 31st July, due to strict Chinese visa requirements.

Beijing is home to one of a growing number of officially-licensed Ace premises, with cafes already open in countries as diverse as Finland, Switzerland and soon in the USA.

Ace to Ace 2017 water splashRiders will cover 13,000 miles on the 12-week trip, travelling through Europe and into Central Asia via Turkey. It is a unique opportunity to experience motorcycling in many countries where tourism is still in its infancy, including Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Once in China, the group will approach Tibet from the Chinese border, from where it is possible to ride up to the North Base Camp on Everest, (South Camp, in Nepal, is only accessible on foot).

GlobeBusters is the only company offering riders the chance to ride their own bikes overland into China via Tibet and the expedition will be led by Kevin Sanders, making his eighth trip into this “crazy & fascinating” country. Kevin has chosen the new Triumph Explorer XC for this epic journey;

“We switched to Triumph last year – I rode a 1200 Explorer on the first Ace-to-Ace expedition, with my support rider on a Tiger 800XCx, and both bikes performed without fault, even at high altitude and when filled with low-grade fuel. I can’t wait to try the latest Explorer on our most testing of trips.’”

Ace to Ace 2017 finishBilled as the ‘ultimate burn-up’, the Ace to Ace expedition will leave the Ace Cafe London on 21st April 2017, reaching Beijing on 12th July.
Prices start at £21,995, which includes B&B accommodation, pre-expedition briefing, daily route book with GPS coordinates, support Vehicle (equipped with satellite phone, spare fuel, water, tools, selected spare parts and emergency first aid kit) and the return bike freight from China.

Ace to Ace 2017