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3 Amigos have been (almost) lifelong friends sharing their passion for motorcycling. They’ve decided to celebrate with a classic ride…

Have you ever thought how lucky you are?

How many friends do you have? Quiet a few.
How many really good friends do you have? Maybe half a dozen.
How many life long, ‘run into the fire’ brothers do you have?
3 Amigos when they were younger
I am very lucky. I have one brother by blood and two by….. well, accident I guess.
You knock about at school because you’re kind of the same, you muck about together and have a laugh. Hang out after school, then college the first visit to the pub, get drunk, meet girls. learn to ride bikes then cars, get into trouble, get jobs, form a band, hang out. Meet girls, go traveling, get tattoos, drink more beer, ride more bikes and yes, meet more girls. Do more traveling Get married, hang out, don’t meet girls. Drink beer, have kids, ride bikes, hang out, get divorced, ride bikes, drink beer and hang out. Next thing you know and, if you are lucky enough, you’ve drunk a lot of beer and done a lot of hanging out with people who are funny, exciting and supportive.

I am David and I am a buddy. One of the three Amigos.

How did I get to be so old, so quickly? Everybody says time flies and its true. Trust me. Yeah, if you are over 50 you may be saying “Hey that’s nothing” but remember when you were 18 or even 25? 50 is ancient. Oh, and if you are reading this and you are REALLY old, like 55. Oh boy……

3 amigos in Death valleyThe answer by the way to how all those years have flown past is that I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with diamond geezers like Adrian and Andrew. When we were 17 or 18 we did a few road trips around the UK and then some pretty cool overseas ones. Partying hard in LA, San Fran and Spring break in Palm Springs being particular highlights for me. A massive journey through India, south east Asia and Australia changed all of our lives for the better. Dragging my sorry arse around India in particular, developed in me a determination to succeed that I have retained to this day!

Andy has been biking for years, some as a London courier, I’ve been back to riding for the past 7 or 8 and Adrian got his big bike licence 2 years ago, largely due to jealousy I think, as he missed out on those awesome Ireland and South of France trips. Since then we’ve done North France and a 2500 mile ride to the Swiss Alps. We have an awesome hobby
and ride together whenever we can.
3 amigos SydneyIts time to hit the road again. Its 30 years since we first had that first adventure in America and although I’ve done a lot of travel on the east coast and some on the west none of us have experienced the middle and, it’s about time we did.

So, time to drink beer, talk tactics, bite the bullet, tell the wives, book them flights and Indian bikes!

Riding the entire Route50 from Washington DC in the East to San Francisco on the West, there is sure to be plenty of laughs, considerable mucking about and probably some bitching and moaning. Along the way we will see cool shit and hopefully meet some interesting people and, oh yes, there will be the bikes; a lot of motorcycle action.
3 amigos in Black ForestWe are going to be making a short video with personal diary and updates along the way.
We would be delighted if you would follow our journey.

ED: Have a great time guys! Do keep us up to date!
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