vespa helmets for 2016
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New for 2016 is Vespa’s open-face offerings…

Glistening with Urbanista looks, the new Carbon, Fibre Decal and Fibre Lux all feature the demi-jet design for all-round vision and are deliberately small enough to pack into most under seat storage areas.
All three have a glass-fibre shell secured by a micro-adjustable ‘seatbelt-style’ buckle which is engineered to be easy to release with gloves on.
The lightweight, breathable textile liner will keep you cool and is removable and washable.

Better still, all three come with a drop-down sun visor as standard!

2016 vespa helmets Vespa Carbon new for 2016The Carbon:
Fibreglass, cleverly finished to give the effect of carbon-fibre, with a synthetic leather central band and metal Vespa logos to complete the look.
It also has a useful goggle strap retainer at the rear, secured by a metal popper.
RRP £179.99

2016 vespa helmets Vespa Fibre Decal new for 2016The Fibre Decal:
Comes in either Black or White, with contrasting centre stripes for a racy, retro look. It has a glass fibre shell, drop-down sun visor and shares the Carbon’s goggle strap retainer.
RRP £149.99

2016 vespa helmets Vespa Fiber Lux new for 2016The Fibre Lux:
Comes in White, has a fibreglass shell with a broad central band in contrasting synthetic leather and metal Vespa logos. It also features a goggle retainer and a retractable sun visor.
RRP £159.99

Available in the next 2 weeks (May 2016)